Eyelash Extensions


Our Flagstaff Salon offer Eyelash Extensions services. Eyelash extensions is a process of adding faux individual lashes, or multiple faux lashes to you natural singular natural lash.  Certified in eyelash extensions we offer three different application types.

Classic eyelash extensions which is a technique of adhering one individual faux lash  to one individual natural lash to enhance the length, and thickness.  The finish set appears naturally fuller.

Hybrid eyelash extensions is our most popular lash application. This technique includes a mix of individual singular faux lashes with multiple faux extensions attached to one individual natural lash. The finish set appears full, and resembles a false lash appearance.

Volume eyelash extensions is technique of adding only multiple faux lash extension to one individual natural lash. The finish set appears dramatic, full, but still considered a natural volume set. These are not mega volume which are lashes that appear unnatural in appearance.

For the best results here is how to prepare for your eyelash extension appointment. First arrive with clean, makeup free face especially eye area. Makeup, and oil residue will prevent the lashes from attaching properly.  If you wear waterproof mascara discontinue use for three days prior. The compound of this product will remain on your lashes even with proper cleansing. Avoid oil based products, and moisturizes especially around eye area. This prevent the adhesive from properly bonding.  Shower and wash hair prior to your session. You will not be about to wet your lashes for 24 hours after application. This includes steam from the shower. Remove your contacts, and wear glasses to your appointment. Contact solution will wet the lashes and prevent proper attachment.  Facial and steaming facial treatment should be scheduled prior to your lash service not initial after for at least 48 hours.  Lash tinting should be scheduled 48 hours prior to your eyelash extension session. The chemical compound of this service can create an issue with attachment if done closer to the extension appointment.  Dress comfortable, and bring a sweater if you chill easily. Due to the nature of the comprehensive service we do not allow children, or pets to accompany you to your  lash appointment since your eyes will be closed for 2-3 hours 

Now relax, and enjoy your eyelash extension service  in our comfortable, power recliner.  We will do the rest.  You will re-open your eyes to gorgeous, natural, longer lashes. How easy is that!